STRESS: The # 1 Silent Killer

When most of us think about stress, we think of mental stress like when we are late and stuck in traffic or when we are going through a breakup. However, there are actually many different types of stress but at the end of the day the body responds the same way. stress Physical: overtraining, lack of sleep, infection, injury, surgery, reactions to food sensitivities. Chemical: air pollution, medications, toxic tap water, food additives, stimulants and drugs. Emotional: family, financial, workplace, relationship, social and lack of self-esteem. Stress is very draining and makes us spend our daily energy allowances quickly, leaving us in energetic debt. What is worse is that when we are stressed we tend to use substances such as sweet food, caffeine, cigarettes and drugs as a crutch to help us get through the discomfort. Unfortunately, these coping mechanisms only further deplete our energy reserve and leave us more out of balance then we were before. To get back into balance we need to be aware of how we feel each day instead of just plowing through with the ‘white knuckle’ approach. We need to be in tune with our bodies so we know when it is time to ease off and take a break, and when its okay to move forward and take action. Here are some ways that you can limit the effects of stress on the body: 1) Deep breathing 2) Unplugging from technology regularly 3) Self-care practices like meditation, yoga and taking baths 4) Regulate your sleep cycles 5) Reframing stressful thoughts and situations 6) Listen to your body and choose the right form of movement 7) Get out in nature daily 8) Organize your environment 9) Practice saying ‘no’ to commitment that drains you 10) Journal or talk it out

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