Stretching Exercises: Standing Backbend

You push your body to the max with your HIIT training, and now it’s time to show it a little love. The standing backbend promotes spine health and also opens the chest, shoulders and lungs, which helps promote circulation. Add this to the end of your next HIIT training workout. Here’s how to do a standing backbend:

Step 1:

Stand tall, and engage the muscles of your pelvic floor. Your feet should be hip-width apart.  

Step 2:

Press down through all four corners of your feet, simultaneously engaging all the muscles in your legs.

Step 3:

Clench your hands into fists and place them on your gluteus medius. (Top of your butt.)

Step 4:

Inhale and lift your sternum up toward the ceiling. Make sure your next is in a comfortable position.

Step 5:

Squeeze your elbows towards each other. Stay here for a few moments, inhaling deeply and exhaling fully.

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