Stripping Down For Feminism

Tracey Spicer, Australian journalist and media personality starts this TEDxSouthBankWomen talk by taking us through her beauty routine that day. Her self-effacing humour makes this oh-too-familiar routine look properly ridiculous. She also takes a different look at how these unrealistic beauty standards affect our lives: productivity. How much time we spend grooming ourselves in order to look the way a woman “should” look by society’s standards is actually a pretty good chunk of our lives. Here’s the statistic: TraceySpicerTEDTalk Obviously a certain amount of grooming is necessary for hygienic reasons, but putting bronzer upon concealer upon foundation is not really the best use of our time. According to Spicer here’s what we could do with the amount of time that women spend in their lives beautifying themselves: -       Complete a pre MBA course at Oxford Business school -       Become proficient at a musical instrument -       Learn another language -       Earn more money! I would really suggest watching the whole video – Tracey Spicer does a literal deconstruction of the problem, starting with herself. She got a venerable cheer from the crowd when she started taking off her make-up, and of course wolf whistles when she removes her constricting dress. traceyspicertedx2 traceyspicertedx4 Watch until the end and you’ll also get to see Tracey Spicer’s idea for a new kind of feminism in 3 easy steps: traceyspicer5   Yes, I do like dressing up on occasion, but I shouldn’t feel the need to put on make-up to go grocery shopping or spend hours on my nails. These are things I can live without, and a good step in becoming happier, healthier, and more productive.

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