Strong is the new sexy

One of major misconceptions of women lifting weights it that they will turn into THE HULK.

Not true.

Women do not have the high levels of testosterone that men do. Women have a higher level of estrogen, without getting into too much anatomy details... Women do NOT pose the "Hercules' Hormone" therefore women will not pack on the pounds from heavy lifting like men do. Even some women who DO want to bulk up will bulk up at a slower rate and not to the magnitude that men do.

Another reason women will not Hulk-out, is women do not eat enough calories. Women, when was the last time you over purposely to gain weight (Christmas doesn't count). Women want to be slimmer, therefore, our diets and eating habits are not the same as men. For example, women typically don't binge on extra proteins during dinner to "pack on the pounds".

So now that we have solid reasons why women WON'T rip their sleeves off, turn green, and HULK OUT. Let's talk about the benefits women gain from weight training.

1. When weight lifting you are working at a higher resistance. Due to this higher resistance your muscles will have tiny tears in them. (no worries!) Your body will repair these tiny tears post-workout, which in return will increase your overall calories requirement and increase your metabolism.

2.  You will see muscle definition (Sexy!!!) quicker. When hitting the gym, women typically stick to 2-5lb weights. We are barely challenging our muscles. Without challenge there is no change.

3. Fighting osteoporosis. Studies have consistently shown that women who lift weights maintain bone mass and can even build new bone.

4. Lose that stubborn belly fat. A study conducted by the University of Alabama showed that women who lifted weight not only burned more calories than doing a cardio workout, but it also lessens your risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and some cancers (and look better in a bikini!)

5.  Feel sexy and empowered. Women do you not feel better when you are toned, lean, and feel strong. This reflects heavily on your self-esteem and attitude.

Personally, I weight train 3-4 days a week (every other day). You can find great toning and weight lifting classes at your local gym. For at home lifting grab some weights and do 10-12 reps repeating 3 times. Your weight should be heavy enough that towards the end of the 10-12 reps you are "feeling it" (I typically go for 7-9lbs).

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