As a trainer I train both men & women and having trained with men for 10 years in Mixed Martial Arts I was forced to go beyond my comfort zone Everyday! Especially in wrestling!

I find that many women seeking weight loss shy away from hitting the weights hard, or avoid Interval training or at least modify it to suit their comfort zone. Instead many, not all, women opt for a walking program or Yoga class and while anyone will tell you, I LOVE Yoga and I incorporate it into my workout routine often, and I walk everywhere....on their own for fat loss and transforming your physique they are not my first choice.


If you are currently doing light to moderate exercises and weights, yet are unhappy with your physique and energy level then it's time for a Real Change!


And just a note on genetics...yes, some people are naturally slim or thin, and so light exercises and light weights works just fine for tightening and toning for their body type, but I think majority of the population is NOT in that category so why compare yourself?


The Truth is, there Really is Nothing Natural about becoming Slim, Trim, Tight &'s completely FORCED! 100% Forced.


So Embrace who you are, genetics and all, and accept and realize that in order to achieve your goals you must Match Your Own Unique Strengths! ...and then go beyond them!


Often when I train my clients, I don't always count their reps, instead I go by how close they are to failure and when they are about to fail  I say "3 more!" and well they hate that, but I do it because I know that in order for them to get results they need to go beyond their comfort zone.


Know too, that everyday is different as our energy levels can change daily and for us women, fluctuations in hormones can really affect our strength and endurance capacity.


The only thing you need to remember is that your results all are Relative To You on that day, in that time, in that workout... so long as you give it 110% in that moment I promise you, you will see Results!


So Maximize your Time and your Weights and Reps while your at it! You'll get back what you put in....they say "Strong is the New Skinny!" I agree. I learned that through my Martial Arts Training which is the foundation for my training and my training methods and it sure has shown me that we women are so much stronger than we think.


Embrace your Strength Challenge!!

On your next workout...use Heavier Weights, & do 3 more reps when you think you can't do anymore, try normal pushups instead of off your knees, pass parallel on your squats (takes more energy)...whatever your next workout is, pick something that takes you beyond your comfort zone and know, that every time you do this your body is forced to change.


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