Stronger BodyRock Workout + Abs Bonus Mash Up

Hi BodyRockers, It's on now. We are taking no prisoners. We are stepping up with the best workouts, the freshest moves, the most intense 12 minutes on the internet. You will know a BodyRocker without them saying anything because they represent our movement by word of body. It will come through in the confidence that these workouts deliver - how much stronger, leaner, faster you feel. You can talk about it or you can do it. All you need to do is show up, boot up, and get on it. Nothing can stop us in our quest to rock it - we are BodyRockers and we live it. Get off the excuses or get out of the way. In 12 minutes from now your life can be a step closer to your dreams or you can still be sitting there revving in neutral. Get on it now. Move. Your. Ass.

Here is BodyRocker Hulda - massive props to her - she is representing BodyRock by word of body. No sales pitch required - 12 Minutes will change your life. Keep Rocking It!

Freddy BodyRock Workout: [wobreakdown] This is a rep challenge!!  Set your interval timer and go!!  Get this workout done as fast as you can :)  Post your times and let me know how you did. 1) Jump Up - Squat & Press - Reptile Push Up combo using the pink Sandbag 2) Hop Scotch Ugi Twist using the Ugi Ball 25 reps twist to the right 3) Hop Scotch Ugi Twist using the Ugi Ball 25 reps twist to the left 4) Side Lunge Press- right side using the pink Sandbag 50 Reps 5) Side Lunge Press- left side using the pink Sandbag 50 Reps 6) Narrow Grip Dive Bombers (switch to wide grip when you burn out or do them from your knees) 7) Bucking Bronco using the pink Sandbag - once over the bag counts as one rep (heels to butt checks - spank it!) * Ugi is offering free shipping for BodyRockers until March 24th* It’s a significant savings!!! Click here for more details… Abs Bonus Mash Up: Set your interval timer for 50 seconds work 10 seconds rest. 1) Bicycle Abs 2) Swiss Ball Sit Ups 3) Sand Bag Sit Ups using the pink Sandbag Starting next week we are giving one lucky BodyRocker the chance to win a Brand New iPad 3, 16GB worth over $650 !! We will be also giving away iPod Nano's, Ugi Ball's, Dip Stations, Sandbags and all of the equipment that you see in our videos! You Just Have to Like our Facebook Page here to get involved !! Today's BodyRock Workout Track: Music is a huge part of BodyRocking, so we are going to share our favourite tracks with you so we can all soundtrack our workouts together. When you hear these tracks you will know a BodyRocker is in the house sweating like they mean it :) Here is the deal. There is a fitness revolution going on and it's 100% free. Paying to sweat in a room somewhere makes no sense. Every time a BodyRocker works out at home it's like a BodyRock gym is opening up in your neighbourhood. BodyRockers are worldwide - we are kicking ass and taking names making our community stronger, faster, leaner - taking our training and our bodies to the next level. Subscribe to the movement and drop down the love by "liking"   BodyRock.Tv on Facebook here For Lisa’s Facebook page click here She is rolling out the diet challenges, tips and answering your questions practically 24/7 because that is how she rolls. Connect with Lisa to tune up your diet and get motivated and you will see a 100% improvement in your results. For Sean’s Facebook page click here Sean deals in inspiration. He is posting your before and after pictures every single day. Check in with him to see real examples of what 12 minutes of BodyRocking a day can do for your body. For Freddy’s Facebook page: click here There is the Body and then there is the Rock. Freddy brings you motivational fuel for the mind and spirit. We talk about real life issues that each of us face and kick off our workouts by making sure our thoughts support our training and goals.

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