The Struggle of Falling In Love With Someone Way Before They Feel the Same

What does it mean if you and your partner don't fall in love in a synchronized fashion? What if one person falls head over heels for the other, while it takes months...years even for the other to reciprocate? Falling in love simultaneously may be the rom-com ideal, but in reality many couples have an uneven amorous history. Some people can be plagued by what happened in a past relationship. They may dance around the idea of dropping the L-bomb until their trust is fully built up. This can take a long time. And then there are some people who are zealous and so impassioned by their partner that they can't wait to confess their love. How you react in relationships all comes down to your past experiences. Having the synchronized love is rare, and doesn't mean you're going to last longer and have a stronger relationship than if someone holds out for a while. But it can be painful if you're the one feeling the feelings and awkwardly waiting for your partner to respond. So what is one to do about this unrequited or unevenly requited love? Being a supporting and loving partner by listening and caring can open up trust in your relationship. Doing new and exciting things together can spark a bond and stir up new feelings by igniting dopamine in the brain. But the reality is that mostly we just must wait until that person comes around. True love and connection can take time and patience. Do you have a love story to share with us? Let us know!  

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