Struggling to Fit in Regular Workouts? These Added Benefits Will Keep You Motivated!

We all know that exercise is a super important part of any healthy lifestyle, but we also know that sometimes, you'd rather do other things. You know, like binge watch reality TV. That is okay, you're human. But if you are starting to find it harder and harder to fit in your workouts, consider these methods to keep yourself motivated and on track! stop skipping workouts

1. Fortify your workouts with a partner.

Having other people to workout with is a great way to stay accountable. Workout pals can pick you up on those days when you don't feel like going. They will harasses you until you show up. Working out with people often translates into more time spent in the gym and frankly, it can be fun. Choose someone who will keep you honest.

2. Start setting fitness goals.

Often times when people begin to workout, they do so with one goal in mind -- losing weight. But once they reach that goal, they can be a little lost. Nothing drains motivation like not knowing what to do. "Many of us work out for myriad reasons: our health, to look and feel good, beat stress, and more," says Amanda Buckley, a personal trainer and faculty member at George Washington University. "Setting goals that align with your training will give you a sense of accomplishment and allow you to track your progress. Goals can be long or short term, but should be measured every four to six weeks to track progress and allow for modifications."


3. Change up your routine.

If you are bored with your workouts, it becomes a lot easier to take a pass on them. Fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coach, Rob Arthur, says, "to prevent burnout, it's beneficial to periodically ask yourself, Am I enjoying this? while working out. If you notice the answer becoming a repeated 'no' for a period of several days or weeks, it may be a sign that it's time to switch things up and try something new." Sign up for a new class at your gym or join a sports team. If you are not a gym person, take your workout outdoors. Shake it up. For over 80 hours of exercises to suit any interest, mood, or fitness level, check out Sweatflix℠! This is where you can get all your favorite BodyRock workouts, any time, any place! With new and exclusive content added all the time, you'll never be bored again!

4. Stop writing off short sessions.

"Often, people skip workouts because they feel that if they cannot complete the entire planned session, there's no point in even starting. In reality, it's better to do something rather than nothing at all," explains Arthur. Maybe you planned for an hour workout and life got in the way, leaving you with only 30 minutes. Do what you can. Some is always better than none.

stop skipping workouts

5. Put the treadmill in front of your TV.

There is a reason why gyms have televisions near their treadmills. You'll be more likely to spend more time engaged in a relatively static activity like running or walking if your mind is occupied elsewhere. If you are finding it difficult to even get out the door to the gym, invest in a treadmill and park it in front of your television. Now that Netflix marathon is a little more useful!

6. Find a gym that's along your usual route.

If you can find a gym that you drive by everyday, you'll be more likely to go. If it is a pain to get to, you will find every possible reason to avoid it. Something in your neighbourhood, or on your route to and from work would be ideal! Besides, if you have to drive BY the gym in an effort to avoid it, the guilt factor will bring you in!

7. Schedule a race or competition.

Nothing works as a motivator quite like a deadline. In order to succeed in a race, you have to have the right training plan. And because you will want to do the best you can, you will train hard to get there. This can help you push harder than you normally would and keep you working out on those days when the sofa is calling your name! How do you keep yourself motivated to workout? Do you have special tricks or tips to share? Source: WiseBread

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