Stuck In A Walking Rut? Here's How to Break Out of It!

Walking. It's a great exercise but it can become pretty lacklustre after a while. Sick of hitting the pavement everyday on your same neighbourhood route? Here are 3 signs that you need to change things up a little! #1 It's Become A Daily Chore "If I just walk to this next mailbox/tree stump/flag pole, I can call it a day." Sound familiar? Try a change of scenery. Maybe driving 30 minutes to get to your nearest nature trail is a little out of your way, but doing that every so often keeps you interested in your settings instead of staring at the same rows of houses. #2 You're In Pain Improper posture can lead to more aches and pains when walking. Check your posture to make sure you're standing straight. Also, ensure your shoes are still providing comfort and support. If not, time to go shoe shopping! #3 You're Not Getting Results If you aren't losing weight or feeling more energized, it can be discouraging. Try challenging yourself by upping your speed, climbing a hill, sprinting for small intervals, walking with small hand weights or wearing a weighted vest. All of these can bust you out of that plateau stage! What are your tips for keeping walking fresh and interesting? Share them with us!      

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