Student who auctioned off her virginity hopes to sell it AGAIN

A Brazilian student who sold her virginity for $780,000 is yet again offering it up in another online auction, claiming she the original deal was never consummated. Catarina Migliorini, 21, is selling her 'virginity' to bidders for the minimum of $840,000, but says she hopes for at least $1.5million
Virgin or victim? Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini sold her virginity for $780,000 after she put it up for auction online; but she is now claiming she is a victim who was exploited into selling her body

Miss Migliorini's original 'virginity auction' was filmed for an Australian documentary, but she claims she was duped by filmmaker Justin Sisely, and that she was never given the money a Japanese man paid for her purity last October.

The original auction made Miss Migliorini a minor celebrity in Brazil and she posed for Playboy in her native country and Argentina. 'After being featured by so many media outlets in so many countries, I decided to actually auction off my virginity.' Miss Migliorini previously said she wanted to give 90% of the final auction sale price to a non-governmental organization constructing modern houses in her southern home state of Santa Catarina. However, as she claims never to have been given the money - nor lost her virginity - the organization has yet to receive her help. In October last year, Natsu, 53, a Japanese millionaire fended off strong competition from American bidders Jack Miller and Jack Right, and Indian big-spender Rudra Chatterjee, to secure a date with the physical education student. The auction was supposedly part of an Australian documentary entitled Virgins Wanted, in which Mr Sisley would explore the lives of Miss Migliorini and Alex Stepanov, a male who auctioned his virginity for $3,000. But when Miss Migliorini went to meet her winning bidder, Natsu, in a Sydney restaurant, she claims that he didn't match the description Mr Sisely had given her, and insists the pair did not have sex.  She also claims Mr Sisely did not cover her traveling expenses, or give her the £485,000 paid by Natsu; and she now believes that 'Natsu' doesn't exist, and that the auction was simply a ploy to gain media coverage for the documentary.
'I agreed to go along with [the auction], because Justin said it would be the best way to draw attention from the media about the project,' she said.  
In a bid to avoid prostitution laws, Miss Migliorini was to be 'delivered' to her buyer on board a plane between Australia and the U.S. - being interviewed before and after the sexual act. Here is the original video advertising the supposed "virgin auction"

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