Study Discovers that People Who Post Gym Selfies May Have Psychological Problems

We all know hardcore selfie takers. You may be one. I engage in the practice more often than I care to admit . Well, it could be that you (and I) have some psychological troubles that are leading to the massive amounts of selfies. Gym selfie taker? Brunel University has some bad news for you. Having conducted a study on people who take selfies, they found that those who brag most about their fitness are often narcissistic. They use social media to gain attention, likes and comments on how they look. A little ego boost. It seems these people also post more status updates about their physical fitness. At BodyRock, we encourage people to take gym selfies and have never heard of anything like this before. What do you think is behind gym selfies? Compliment fishing? Egotism? Or, is it more like pride and a sense of accomplishment? Think this study is completely bogus? Show us your post-workout look! After finding, and crushing, your favorite BodyRock workout on SweatFlix℠, snap a selfie and tag us (@bodyrockofficial) for a repost!

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