Study Finds Obese People Have A Shockingly Slim Rate of Weight Loss Success

A shocking new study has found that 1 in every 124 obese women will lose weight and keep it off longterm. For obese men, the odds are 1 in 210. The study was conducted by British researchers. It has concluded that for overweight people who attempt to shed pounds, there is a strong likelihood that they will simply gain them back. Obesity has become somewhat of a life sentence for many people. 5% of the study participants achieved short term weight loss. But within 2 years, over 50% of those people had gained the weight back and in 5 years almost 80% were overweight once again. The study also discovered that people who are heavier have an even slimmer chance of successfully losing weight and keeping it off for good. Severely obese women have a 0.15% of maintaining their weight loss goals. Not 15%, 0.15%. "Priority needs to be placed on preventing weight gain in the first place." says Dr Alison Fildes, author of the study. "Current strategies to tackle obesity, which mainly focus on cutting calories and boosting physical activity, are failing to help the majority of obese patients to shed weight and maintain that weight loss." "A multi-million dieting business exists due to obese people yo-yoing from one diet to another in the hope that such-and-such regimen will do the trick. It very rarely does." explains Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum. What are your thoughts on this issue? Should our priority be on education and preventative methods for future generations?   

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