Study: You're Going To Give Up On New Music At 33

Getting old is a sneaky process. One day you're totally down with what is new and hip and then all of a sudden, the 'it' thing is frightening and weird. Ajay Kalia conducted a study, using data extrapolated from Spotify and Echo Nest, and has found the suggestion that by our early 30s, we 'lock into' our tastes and no longer actively seek new music. The numbers show that around age 33, we stop listening to what could be considered popular music and stick to the stuff that is relevant to us and not necessarily the masses. Kalia explains why this might be:
“First, listeners discover less-familiar music genres that they didn’t hear on FM radio as early teens, from artists with a lower popularity rank. Second, listeners are returning to the music that was popular when they were coming of age — but which has since phased out of popularity.”
The research also suggests that men get locked into this stage sooner than women and if you are a parent, the process happens even faster. Hmm, I'd like to think that I'm still cool but, well, my obsessive love of all things 80s and 90s kind of gives me away. I'm a bit of a music buff and new things pop onto my radar now and again but they seldom make the same impact as the stuff I was rocking to in high school. Okay readers, time to fess fess up. Those of you in your 30s and beyond, does this right true for you?

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