Style Watch: Selena Flaunting Her Figure In Sexy, Skintight Gym Wear

Selena Gomez headed to the gym in LA this week, wearing sexy skintight leggings! Despite her battle with bodyshamers, Selena isn't slowing down with her classy, curve hugging outfits. The 22 year old is wearing a comfy long-sleeve grey sweatshirt that flatters her muscular arms and is tied around her tight and toned midriff. Keeping it simple, she pairs the top with fitted black leggings, fresh Adidas conditioning sneaks and her go-to Aviators. The "Come and Get It" singer has her always luscious hair out in a silky, stress-free, straight look. Fitness is a huge part of Selena's daily routine. On her way to the gym in West Hollywood, she likes to smash some hard-hitting cardio regularly. Selena's workouts focus on strength and stamina building. She likes running and cycling to help improve her mental alertness, boost energy, carve her core and relieve stress. With a busy lifestyle of concerts, interviews and media appearances, Selena relies on exercise to release tension and improve focus. Like all of us, Selena may be a superstar but she admits to not following a supermodel diet. “I’m from the South, so I love Mexican food, greasy pasta, and fried things." she told Teen Vogue in a interview. The star tries to combat her junk food cravings by eating healthy, protein rich foods and filling up on nutritious fruits and veggies. And of course, sticking to her workout routine! Share with us what you think of Selena's sexy gym wear!

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