Being Successful Means Waking Up Determined Every Day (And Going To Sleep Satisfied)

Life can be difficult for a number of reasons but there is one in particular that gets us all. Each and every one of us, no matter our circumstances, tries to be better. Homeless or filthy rich, we try to be better. It is important to strive for improvement, for greatness, to live better but this is also what trips us up. It is hard to change the course of your life while you are living it. Natural drive or not, many of us have no idea how to make these shifts in a way that won't overwhelm us. You have to break it down. Take fitness, for example. How do you become successful in your fitness attempts without choking on your aspirations? You wake up with determination, you go to bed feeling satisfied. That will keep the cycle moving for you in the right direction.

You should start your day off on the right foot.

The key to finishing strong is starting right. Don't hit the snooze button or bury your face in your pillow. Take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Take in your surroundings, focus on your goal and get the heck out of bed. Don't think about all those little things you have to do during your day. Think about your overall goal. Is it weightloss? Running a half marathon? Whatever it is, think about it. Allow yourself the time to envision what you will feel like when you've completed that goal. If you don't do this, the life you are living might derail your efforts toward the life you'd like to be living.

You don’t want to waste your day.

You need to get the things done that you need to get done or you will lose your grip on the reality you are aiming for. Changing our lives is so difficult because it means transitioning our personal realities. If your goal is weightloss, for example, you need to stop viewing yourself as someone who doesn't have to think about food. You do. You can't just run out the door in the morning and grab something fast at noon hour. You need to be mindful and prepare. This is your 'new' reality. If you are not happy with yourself when you are going to bed, than you have not managed to hold on to your new reality, you've let life lead you back down your old path. It sucks because yet another day has passed where you've remained in the old pattern.

You need to wake up every day with momentum.

Without momentum, you won't likely ever achieve your fitness goals. Without momentum, you aren't likely going to generate enough power to get through any barriers to your success. You need to take any success along the way and use it as fuel for your momentum. It may but a tiny, minuscule, success but it all adds up and spurs you forward. You got on the scale today and you were down 2 pounds. Have a little happy dance and take yourself to bed feeling positively. Tomorrow morning, you get to start work on the next 2 pounds. You will hit struggles. Your weight will plateau but because you are in the habit of noticing the positives, you'll be able to fuel yourself forward by shifting your attention away from that stall to some of the other amazing results you are seeing. Don't let failures slow you down. You can learn from your failures. Use them to remind you just how much you want this new life.

You might go to bed one day with regret and not wake up at all.

Depressing thought but it is true. We never know which day will be our last. The only thing we can do is hope that when the time comes, we are proud of the life we have lived. If you live your life determined and satisfied, you have the life of your dreams. You will have no regrets when the time comes because you will have done all you can. You will have succeeded at being your best self. Isn't that enough motivation to start tonight?

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