Suffering From Gym Dread? Here's How To Trick Yourself Into Loving The Gym!

Does the thought of putting on spandex and even attempting to hit the tread or lift some weights have you recoiling? Is it easier to grab a brownie from your local bakeshop and take a 'break day' than try to reach your fitness goals? Here is how to shake off the Gym Dread and get into the groove of working out, without any pain and suffering. loving the gym The one simple trick to loving the gym is to associate getting fit with feeling happy. Easier said than done, right? Hear me out. Try to put things into a different perspective than the fact that you have to drag yourself to the gym. As writer Lisa Hayim puts it, her 'gym happiness zone' was reached rather unexpectedly one afternoon, and she's never looked back. loving the gym "One day, I’m at the gym, blasting some reggaeton music. I was on the StairMaster (now my favourite place on earth), and all of a sudden, I felt a rush of happiness. With this gush of elation, the epiphany hit. I always feel my happiest, most confident and most alive when I’m at the gym." loving gym It's like how your brain associates eating chocolate with being happy. You have that slight bout of euphoria, and suddenly you're hooked. The key is to find even the smallest moment at the gym where you feel amazing, and hold onto it. Store it in your brain's endorphins bank and use it as motivation to want to workout. You can actually chemically configure your mind to want to hit the tread and do some lifting! Give this idea a try and let us know how it works for you! Source: Elite Daily  

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