Suit & Tie - HiitLean #5

. Hi BodyRockers, Hi BodyRockers, Sometimes you can feel alone even when you are surrounded by people. Sometimes it can feel like no one really understands you, and other times it can feel like no one cares. I think each of us longs to feel accepted, appreciated and cared for. It can be hard to find a place like this – where you can connect with other people in a positive and supportive way. We have been so blessed to have this here on BodyRock with so many passionate and caring BodyRockers from all over the world sharing their stories and supporting each other with kind words of encouragement. I think that sometimes at the end of the day you just want to feel like you really matter to someone, and sometimes in the day to day grind of life and in our relationships that feeling can go missing. We have seen that kind of energy here in our community of BodyRockers over and over, and it never ceases to really move and inspire us. When it’s real you can feel it deep inside, and we just want to thank you guys for being there for each other and us. Enjoy your workout . HiitLean Workout Video: . Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 2.26.49 PM . ..  [wobreakdown] . Workout Breakdown: . Set your interval timer  to a Stopwatch. Complete 15 Reps of each exercise .. Repeat x3 rounds -  Post your scores . 317960_393115830778908_1127832895_n 554401_393115844112240_697900917_n-1 . Workout Breakdown Pictures: . 1. 734905_393115397445618_815671207_n 2. 19291_393115344112290_293117432_n 3. 430065_393115327445625_1650172137_n 4. 45486_393115450778946_876015548_n 4. 601125_393115407445617_1333840243_n 5. 184795_393116080778883_2018495752_n



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