Summer BBQ can blow your ENTIRE daily calorie requirement out of the water.

Research has show that the average person piles on one and a half burgers, two chicken legs, two sausages, two deserts, pasta salad, green salad, potato salad, several table spoons of condiments, and other dressings, and then washes it down with 4 beers or three glasses of wine. Add to this several servings of Coke and sugary lemonades.

The average meal clocked in at over 3000 calories.

There are of course healthier options - fish which is by far the healthiest choice is eaten just 4% of the time. Grilled foods can be healthy, but in moderation. Keep your portions small and pair lean meats with green salads and veg. Eat one serving - half of BBQ diners go back for seconds and a full third tuck in for thirds.

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