Summer Body Workout 2: Upper Body & Abs Bonus

How do you feel after yesterday's jump rope-based routine?  Hopefully energized, and ready for summer workout 2!  Here's a quick body-weight routine for you. Workout Breakdown: > For a workout bonus, do 1 round. > For a full workout, do at least 2 rounds. > If you want to torch even more calories, add more jump rope sets to the routine! > Move as quickly as possible with excellent form. 4 min jump rope: 8 timer rounds of 10 sec rest / 20 sec work (no jump rope?  Do high knees, jumping jacks, or cardio of your choice) 20 [1 push up + twist to side plank, alternate sides] 30 crab toe touches 30 [1 lying leg lift + 1 hip lift] 20 pike presses Have fun, & post how long it takes you to do!  2 rounds took me 20 minutes. Jessica Want more quick workouts?  Try the other 4 in this workout series: Summer Body Workout Day 1: Jump Rope to Burn Fat Summer Body Workout Day 3: Cardio & Glutes Bonus Summer Body Workout Day 4: 10 Minute Total Body Bonus Workout Summer Body Workout Day 5: Cardio & Abs Galore! Visit my blog,, for more workouts If you're ready to make a change, sign up below to join BodyRock Boot Camp
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