Summer Food Alternatives You Can Feel Better About Eating

Warmer weather means barbecues, patios, and even more delicious food and drinks to crave throughout the summer. If your New Year’s resolution was to be beach ready this summer, then check out these alternatives to your favourite summer foods that won’t ruin your calorie count.

AVOID: Hotdogs

Standard barbequed hot dogs contain 250 calories a piece. You probably wouldn’t want to limit yourself to just one…

TRY: Bacon Rolls

Believe it or not, bacon contains fewer calories than hot dogs, and who doesn’t love bacon? (Win-win)

AVOID: Frozen and Mixed Drinks

Cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris contain up to 200 calories a glass thanks to the added juices and syrup.

TRY: Gin and tonic or Tom Collins

These fresh summer spirits contain roughly 120 calories instead!

AVOID: Ice Cream

Depending on how many scoops and toppings, ice cream can contain more than 300 calories a serving…

TRY: Sorbet or Frozen Yogurt

These equally satisfying treats contain only 150 calories for two or more scoops at a time.

AVOID: Fried Chicken

Diving face first into a bowl of chicken wings is tempting, but they’re loaded in fats, sugars and salt.

TRY: Grilled Chicken Kebabs

Have fun making your own grilled chicken kebab skewers with veggies for your next backyard BBQ.

AVOID: Pre-made Smoothies

Smoothies from the grocery store or chain stores contain less fresh fruit than you might think and are loaded with sugar.

TRY: Home-made smoothies

Choose your favourite fresh summer fruits for a healthy, energy packed treat on hot days.

AVOID: Craft Beer

Craft beer is hipster-cool, but the calories add up after a few rounds.

TRY: Light Beer

Lighter beers have reduced calories than regular drafts so you can enjoy two or three! Remember, moderation is key. If you have a favourite low-calorie summer recipe share it with us in the comments!   h/t: Mail Online

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