Summer HIIT Fat Melting Workout

Hi BodyRockers! Summer is less than 3 weeks away....are you ready?? It is definitely time to grab your GymBoss Timer and HIIT it!! I posted a workout video a week ago that was blogged here on the Daily HIIT ...check it out ... 4 Exercises To a Beach Body  That workout was designed to target your obliques for a toned waistline while also working full body fitness and  triggering fat loss. Just in time for summer, this week's workout designed to SHOCK your metabolism! In this workout 3 of the exercises have 2 parts to it which really engages your neuromuscular system, and keeps your body confused, plus it's only 30 seconds per exercise so it's a double shocker! Shaking up your workout routine with different training times, different exercise sequences, and different tempos is what will give you accelerated fat loss results. I myself am getting back into shape with my at home workouts and I LOVE the Daily HIIT training routines for the simple fact that they work! I am already seeing results, without question, in a week :)   So give this workout a try! Set your GymBoss Timer for 4 rounds, 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest Warm up 10 minutes cardio of choice. I actually like to go for a jog outside, then come home and do the workout. Begin with the 4 exercises. Then do 2 minutes of continuous cardio.....skipping, step ups, jogging, jogging on spot etc. Repeat sequence and repeat cardio 3 times each.   Exercises
  1. Cross jumps 2, + 2 pike pushups. Working inner thighs, shoulders, core, triceps, and cardio.
  2. Squat thrusters - dropping back right into pushup position....great for the abs!!
  3. 4 Double hops + 4 high knees to hands held high.....great calf workout and cardio...of course :)
  4. 4 double outside plank jumps + 2 plank jacks. Obliques, core, shoulders, and more cardio!!

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