Summer Kickstart - Day 1: Get abs like Lisa's!

Although summer may seem like an eternity away, it's time to start working towards your beach body. I know...we all hate to think about it, but this year is going to be different. You are going to rock that bikini! And after summer, you aren't going to slip back into your old habits; you're going to continue to work out pushing hard to keep your body in shape. Why just have a banging body for summer when you could have one all year round!? I've designed a five day workout challenge to kick-start sculpting your perfect bikini body, and what better way to start than by working on those abs? In my opinion, Lisa (Bodyrock) has some of the best abs I have ever seen, and I'm doing all that I can to get mine to even slightly resemble hers. I'm a long way off yet though, but I've designed this workout to help get me a step closer. This workout doesn't involve any equipment so there's no excuse not to try it.   It's got the same format as many of the Daily Hiit workouts: 30 seconds on, 10 seconds active rest 6 exercises, 3 times through   The 10 seconds active rest is DOUBLE HIGH KNEES For those of you who didn't see these in the 30 day challenge, please do straight high knees where you lift your knees alternately up to touch your hands while standing...kind of like running, but you lift your knees up at the front.   SHOULDER TAP PLANKS Hold the plank position, and one at a time tap your hand to the opposite shoulder while supporting yourself with the other hand. Try not to move your body too much as you make the transition from one hand to the other. ROPE PULLS Sitting on your butt, lean back slightly and lift your feet off the ground (try to keep them off the ground for the whole exercise). Then put your arms in the air and alternate pulling your hands downwards as though pulling a rope down. At the same time pull your opposite leg towards your chest, then alternate. SIDE PLANK DIPS (left) Get into a side plank position with your left hand on the floor with your body sideways to the floor so that your left side of your body is facing the floor, but your right side is towards the ceiling. Raise your right arm into the air. Pull your abs in tight and dip your left side hip down towards the floor, then pull it back up. Then repeat. Side plank dips SIDE PLANK DIPS (right) As above, but switch to the right side. V-UPS Lay on your back with your legs on the floor and arms on the floor above your head. Then put your legs up in the air (as straight up as you can get them), and at the same time hold your stomach muscles tight and try to touch your fingers to your toes as you sit up. Your legs and arms should both be going up at the same time. Then slowly lower your arms and legs down (with control) and repeat. Try not to let your feet touch the floor. SUPERMAN POWER UPS Lay on your front with your legs straight and your arms out in front of you. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs off the floor then push up into the plank position and, using your arms and legs (and abs) power your body off the floor (so that you leave the floor for a split second), and land back onto your hands and feet in the plank position. Then repeat. Be careful with this move.   If you are struggling, don't quit; modify! If you are new to working out then take the 10 seconds rest as actual rest time. Shoulder tap planks Hold the plank without moving your hands to your shoulders Rope pulls Leave your feet on the ground, but try to still keep your knees off the ground. Side plank dips Go down on to your elbow and forearm as opposed to up on your hand. V-ups Let your feet and legs touch the floor after each v-up Superman power ups Don't do the power up (leaving the floor) part. Do the superman move, and then hold a plank for two seconds, then repeat.   I did this workout today after rock climbing earlier this morning, and my abs are burning! What are you waiting for? Go try it out.   5081141_orig If you want abs like Lisa's then you need to work hard and eat clean. One workout won't do it (sadly), but if you eat well and push hard in your workouts you will see a huge improvement. Too many people workout loads but don't improve their eating habits; doing this will not give you amazing abs like Lisa's. Eat clean and train dirty...that's the key.
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