Summer Kickstart - Day 3: Banish those bingo wings!

When we think of getting the perfect bikini body, a lot of us focus on our abs, butt and legs...but we mustn't forget to tighten our arms up too! This workout is going to help to banish those bingo wings. The only equipment needed is a sandbag, but, as I've said before, if you don't have one just fill up a holdall with something to use as a makeshift excuses!   It's got the same format as many of the Daily Hiit workouts: 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest 6 exercises, 2 times through   WALKING PUSH UPS Walking push ups Get into the plank position and do a push up, then, while holding the plank position, step your hands and feet to the right side (so your whole body has moved one step to the right) and repeat the push up. Then step your hands and feet to the left, and push up. Repeat alternating. If you have enough room (like in the video) then do a few to the right before switching to the left. TRICEP DIPS Sit with your back facing a chair, coffee table or your bed, and place your hands on the edge. Then raise your butt off the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, your arms should be straight and holding your weight. Then bend your arms as much as you can (this will also lower your butt towards the floor), then push to straighten your arms up again. Then repeat. KRAV BURPEES For those of you who didn't experience these in the 30 day challenge...they are a normal burpee with a twist. Place a sandbag in front of you. Bend down into a crouch position and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Then transferring your weight to your hands, spring your legs out behind you, then hold the plank. While in the plank position, punch/palm-heel the sandbag with each alternate hand. Then spring your feet back towards your hands, and jump in the air. Then repeat. Ensure that you position your crouch with the sandbag between your hands. SANDBAG SWINGS Standing with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, hold the sandbag with both hands with your arms hanging straight down. Swing the sandbag up in front of you to about chest height, and then, as you do a wide squat bring the sandbag down in between your legs. Then repeat swinging it up (keeping your arms straight at all times), and as you reach the fully upright position thrust your hips forward and clench your butt. 2 ROWS, 2 PUSH UPS Holding the sandbag, stand with your feet hip width apart and hold the sandbag with your arms straight down in front of you. Then bend your elbows up by your sides (lifting the sandbag towards your chest), do this twice. Then jump down into the plank position, and push up twice. Repeat. ONE ARMED MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS (right) These are another fab exercise from the 30 day challenge...Place your right hand on the floor with your body in a plank position (or as close to a plank as you can get while supporting yourself with one arm). Then (in the style of running) lift alternate knees towards your chest. ONE ARMED MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS (left) As above, but on your left hand.   If you are struggling, don't quit; modify! Walking push ups Don't travel the push ups, do regular push ups. Tricep dips Raise your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor, the more bend in your knees, the easier this move gets. Krav burpees Do regular burpees. 2 rows, 2 push ups Instead of springing into the plank position for the push ups, step into it. One armed mountain climbers Use both hands to support yourself; one armed mountain climbers are a fairly advanced move.     This workout is tough! I could feel the burn after just the first few exercises. It's so easy to give up motivation if you find something difficult, but don't quit. I've added modifications to each of my workouts so that you never have to miss an exercise; just modify it, and you will still feel the benefit. fitspiration_45 Don't let the fact that you can't do an exercise put you off; we all have to start somewhere. Use the modifications and work hard, and you will improve. Now, stop reading, and go banish those bingo wings!   Click here to Hiit Day 2

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