Summer Kickstart - Day 4: Burn that fat!

I've given you a day of abs, a day of legs and butt, and a day of it's time to burn some fat all over! You ARE going to look amazing in your bikini this summer! The only equipment needed is a sandbag, but, as I've said before, if you don't have one just fill up a holdall with something to use as a makeshift excuses!   It's got the same format as many of the Daily Hiit workouts: 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest 6 exercises, 2 times through   SIDE TO SIDE HOPS Place your sandbag on the floor and jump over it sideways left to right continuously. PLANK ELBOWS TO HANDS Get into the plank position on your elbows, and one at a time lift your arm up to put your hand flat on the floor until you are in the plank position on your hands. Try not to rock your body as you make the switch, hold your abs tight to not move too much. Then do the reverse and go one at a time down into the plank position on your elbows. Repeat. FROG JUMPS Start in a full squat position (crouching with your feet flat on the floor), and jump forwards and land in the full squat position (like a frog). Be careful to land gently so as not to hurt your knees. Repeat until you run out of room, then turn around and continue. 10 SWITCH MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS + 10 BICYCLE Get into the plank position with your hands flat on the floor, and (in a running motion) lift your knees alternately up towards your chest. Repeat for 10...right, left, right, left etc. Then turn over so you are laying on your back, and lift your knees into the air and towards your chest. Perform a sideways crunch leaning towards your right side and bring your right knee towards you so that you can touch your left elbow to your right knee. Then repeat to the other side. Continue for ten, and then turn over and perform 10 mountain climbers. Repeat. SQUAT AND PRESS Squat and press Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your feet facing forward holding a sandbag with your arms in a bicep curl position. Squat deep down towards the floor, then once you return to a standing position, lift the sandbag above your head and back down. Then repeat. BURPEE WITH 2 PUSH UPS + 2 KNEES Bend down into a crouch position and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Then transferring your weight to your hands, spring your legs out behind you, then hold the plank. Perform 2 push ups, followed by bringing your right knee into your chest, then your left knee. Then spring your feet back towards your hands, and jump in the air. Then repeat.   If you are struggling, don't quit; modify! Side to side hops Take your time with these if you struggle to go fast. Plank elbows to hands Hold the plank without changing from your hands to your elbows. Frog jumps If you struggle to crouch down, bend into as much of a squatting position as you can while doing these. 10 switch mountain climbers + 10 bicycle Take your time with these. If you are only able to do the mountain climbers then stick with these. Squat + press If you struggle to do a full squat, then squat just as low as you can manage. Burpee with 2 push ups and 2 knees Do straight burpees without the push ups and knees.   I loved this workout because it incorporated every part of my body! It's a great workout to get some fat burning because you are included plyometric training. Plyometric training is basically where you add jumping into your workouts, and it is a great way to burn more calories. You will feel pretty exhausted after this workout, but you will also feel amazing! Workouts fill you with a feeling better than many others. most-people-have-no-idea-how-good-their-body-is-designed-to-feel-kevin-trudeau-2 Now go get those endorphins rushing around your body!

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