Summer Kickstart - Day 5: Rock that bikini!

You've made it to the final day; day 5! These 5 days of workouts have been designed specifically to kick-start your transformation to get the perfect bikini body in time for summer. I hope you've managed to complete all of the workouts, even if you had to use some of the modifications. You are going to rock that bikini! As always, the only equipment needed is a sandbag, but, as I've said before, if you don't have one just fill up a holdall with something to use as a makeshift excuses!   It's got the same format as many of the Daily Hiit workouts: 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest 6 exercises, 2 times through   IN AND OUT JUMP SQUATS Stand with your feet facing forward shoulder width apart, squat as low as you can go, then as you return to the standing position jump your legs open to just past hip width and squat as low as you can go again. Then jump your legs in to shoulder width again, and repeat. SEATED TWIST Sit on your butt with your legs straight out in front of you. Place the sandbag on your right side, and twist your body to your right side and lift the sandbag. Then, holding the sandbag, twist to your left side and place the sandbag on the floor. Then lift the sandbag from your left side and place it down on your right side. Repeat. ONE ARMED HALF BURPEES Bend down into a crouch position and place your right hand on the floor in front of you. Then transferring your weight to your hand, spring your legs out behind you, then hold the plank. Then spring your feet back towards your hand, and jump in the air. Then repeat with your left hand on the floor. Then switch and repeat, alternating hands. PLANK HOLD + PULL THROUGH Get into the plank position with your sandbag on your right hand side. Hold the plank throughout this exercise. With your right hand supporting you, use your left hand to pull the sandbag through underneath your body to your left side, then switch hands and repeat. Repeat alternating. WALKING DRAGON Get into the plank position and step forward with your right hand and left foot. Then do a push up. Then step forward with your left hand and right foot and do a push up. Repeat alternating. Keep your body close to the floor throughout this exercise. REVERSE PLANK Reverse plank Sit on your butt and place your arms out behind you with your hands facing towards you. Then, supporting yourself with your hands, lift up so it's just your heels and hands touching the floor. Lift your pelvis up into the air, and tuck your butt in. Hold.   If you are struggling, don't quit; modify! In and out jumps squats Step in and out instead of jumping. Seated twist Do this slowly if you struggle with the weight. One armed half burpees Use both hands throughout the exercise. Plank hold + pull through Hold the plank without pulling the sandbag through. Walking dragon Take this slowly. If you really struggle, just do normal push ups. Reverse plank Go down onto your elbows instead of supporting yourself with your hands.   You are on your way to having the body you want for summer, but don't stop here. Just because my workout challenge ends here, it doesn't mean you have to. Keep going. Work hard, and you will achieve your goal. 604c9df9d05efb3da784a04a265e23a1 What are you waiting for? Work on that bikini body!   To see the other workouts in this challenge click here Follow BodyRock TV /'s board Workouts on Pinterest.

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