Summer Style 2013: Be Your Own Fashion Designer & Make It Yourself!

This Years Summer Look: The Fashion of 2013

For those of us that have been working our tails off with our Hiit routines- it is time for some serious rewards!  The most dreaded and yet highly anticipated season of the year is here: SUMMER!  For those of us on the coastal sides- this means beaches, bikinis, and fun!  For those of you with no body of water at hand- it still means pools, bikinis, and fun!  We've worked and worked and worked so that THIS SUMMER- we could be at our best!  We've stuck to our workouts and clean diets so that instead of hiding in this year- WE could be the ones out flaunting our new bodies; that, now more than ever, we can be proud to wear tighter shirts, shorts, and dresses a like!  If you haven't started with us yet, then no worries!  Your rewards will be here in no time; just keep at it and check out our Beginners Page!  In the meantime... Lets see what this Summer's Fashion will be:

Your Own Fashion Designer- Pinterests Can Come True!


It is well known that the "DIY" section of Pinterest is really just for the Advanced and Pinteresting Elite...  There are entire blogs and websites dedicated to the masses of Pinterest FAILS out there...  However, not all of them are total bombs!  Way back in Winter I found a Pin that I saved for my 2013 Summer Trends board- it is a "Make it Yourself" [almost completely Fool-Proof] tank.  My back was not always ready for this shirt- and I am still doing tons more work on it- however, I feel confident enough this Summer to flaunt my mini back muscles in style ;).


Simplistic Summer Fashion

There are so many different looks and trends that come out within a season...  But I find I like to embrace them all!  Who says you have to have one look or one character?  This top is perfect for beach/pool/or lounging days in your house.  You can pair it with jeans, gold dangling earrings & a cuff bracelet for a more polished look.  You can spice it up by wearing just the top, your bathing suit bottoms, and sunglasses while sprawled out on a lounge chair soaking up some sun (although beware of skeletal tan lines...).  Or you can keep it fresh and boho by slapping on a tan floor length skirt, flip flops, and a choice piece of delicate jewelry.

Whichever style you choose- make sure you flaunt that new body you've worked so hard for!  This summer you are Fitness Guru, Fashion Designer, and Queen of the 2013 Summer Trends!

You can find the DIY instructions to this easy, sexy, and fun Summer Top at Aqui.

Cheers&Love, London

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