Summer Vacation's Reinvented Skinny Alcohol Drinks: This Summer's Recipe for a Low Calorie Alcoholic Frozen Drink

Alcohol Drinks.... Dun Dun Dun!!

It is no surprise that your favourite "Adult Beverage" is what keeps you from looking your ultimate best!  Beer-bellies are all too well known, and even on a client diet and exercise, taking in cocktails throughout the week certainly helps your abs disappear...  But it's Summer time!  And summer is the time for pools, beaches, lakes, sun, and of our... a Summer Cocktail Drink.

Fitness Model's Behind the Curtain Drink- With a Twist...

I learned this little beauty of a drink from one of my workout girlfriends who knows some of the inner-circle secrets for Fitness Competition Models...  Apparently, the girls in Fitness Contests cannot drink water the day of the contest- but they CAN drink vodka with lemon juice.  So... I decided on my mini vacation this Summer that I was going to reinvent this little recipe and see where it got me.


    Of course it was blazing out in Palm Springs (a scorching 113 degrees)- so stepping outside was a feat in and of itself...  Let alone walking all the way over to the pool just so you could jump into what felt like bath water.  So the next time we visited the pool I was armed with 70 SPF sunscreen, a hat, glasses, and a nice cold, FROZEN, SKINNY cocktail!

Summer's Recipe for a Vodka Drink:

Ingredient needed: Listed below in photo (along with 2-3 packets of Truvia or Stevia for your natural sugar) Steps: 1.) Fill a mini blender (I always bring my magic bullet on Palm Spriong trips... Way cheaper to make your own summer drinks than to buy one with more ice than alcohol in it...) or Magic Bullet in this case, to the brim with ice. 2.)  Pour in your 2-3 packets of Truvia or Stevia 3.)  Fill the cup with vodka about 1/3 way (about 2 shots worth) 4.)  cut 1-2 lemons in half and squeeze in all the juice you'd like (Make sure to remove the seeds!) 5.) Screw the blending cap on & blend away!  

**If your drink is not at the "slushy" consistency you'd like- add more ice!!



This wonderful little concoction is about 155 calories (based on 2 shots of vodka)

This summer recipe for your amazing alcoholic frozen drink tasting like a sweet lemonade!   Sure it wont taste like a strawberry margarita or a pina colada...  But is is about 1/5 the amount of calories as well!  Plus, most of the fun in a summer drink is sharing it with friends and kicking back & having a good time.  This drink definitely servers that purpose!



I hope some of you try it out and let me know what you think or if you found a way to reinvent my little concoction to make it even better!  Keep enjoying your summer everyone, and don't forget to live a little while you're working towards your goals!



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