Summer Workout's Update ...

Hi Everyone, Guess What ?? I will be travelling to Spain in the summer for a few weeks again wwhooooo. This year I will be bringing you a daily workout's, diet posts etc everyday from wherever I may be ... I tested it last time so I think we can do much better this time. I am going to show you how you can be away and still lose weight & enjoy your vacation to the max. There are a lot of my friends popping out there too - Hopefully I will get them to say hello & get them to join in with us. I may have to perform the workout ''real time'' again as filming yourself & editing isn't easy ... so you will just have to work along side me & we will do our best to make it work. Don't worry I will also be filming workout before I go to keep the regular workouts updated and the website pumping out NEW workouts to keep you focused & on track. I'm excited about our summer travels and being able to show how no matter where you are you can always find things to BodyRock on or with !! (this is going to be interesting) I will always be using my interval timer and probably my skipping rope & sandbag as a heads up. I won't have my equalizer but I will let you know the moves that are 'equalizer or dip-station friendly' How exciting is this again ? .... I will post where I am so hopefully I will be able to catch a BodyRocker to join me for burpee or two. Love Always L xx   Click Here For some Funny S-Hiit  - Have a coffee break & a good giggle on me.    

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