Sun and Sleep, Health Benefits

Now that it is officially summer, I would like to discuss the benefits of the two greatest things of summer: Sun and Sleep! TDHVitaminD&SleepPostSun The Sun! We all know that in the summer season, it is the strongest. Vitamin D has been known to improve muscle function, protect your lungs, lower blood pressure, decreases appetite, and can help fight fat. Vitamin D has also been known to help with muscle recovery from daily workouts, which is great for us daily hiit-ers! A great way to get natural Vitamin D is through sun exposure and through eating these kinds of  fortified foods: fish, cod liver oil, milk, eggs, fruits, and veggies Even though increased sun exposure is the best way for the body to synthesize vitamin D naturally, remember to always protect your skin with sun screen! TDHVitaminD&SleepPostSleep

SLEEP! We all know that sleep is super important to our bodies to recharge and recover, but sleep also does a lot more. Sleep improves memory, curbs inflammation, improves your fitness performance, repairs and builds muscle proteins, and helps you have a healthy body weight. Try not to vigorously workout within 2-3 hours of going to sleep and try not to watch t.v. or use the computer. These make it harder for the brain to fall asleep. Try something more relaxing like an Epsom salt bath for sore muscles, reading a good book, or listening to music.

The greatest things about summer is more sleep and more sun, but moderation is always key! In order to optimize your body, these are key essentials in your fitness and diet plans. If you have more questions about Vitamin D and deficiency always talk with your physician.

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