Sunburn Art: A Summer Trend That Spells Out Danger To Your Health

The internet is a place where we see many odd and unbelievable trends arising. Amongst planking, there is sunburn art. Forget making a cute heart with sunscreen on your hip. Sunburn art is a very intricate process of strategically covering certain areas of your skin to create, albeit, impressive designs. But the trend is not worth the consequence of getting a severe sunburn. While, we all get a little summer sun on our skin when we spend the day outdoors, consistent burns are linked to hefty health risks. Scalding your skin can not only age it more rapidly, but cause damage to your DNA. Bad burns can up your risk of developing melanoma - a cancer which can start off as moles. Sunscreen has long been stressed as a vital component to your summer skin care routine. Wearing sunscreen when you know you will be exposed to the rays for a long period of time is absolutely essential. Look for a sunscreen which is water resistant and broad-spectrum. You should be covering yourself with a shot-glass amount and reapplying every hour or two. As for me, I hope this information will reach the "sunburn artists" among you! Share your thoughts on this sunburn art trend!

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