Supercharge your diet with 6 easy upgrades

Doesn't it seem like there is an overload of  health advice out there for you to wade through? It sure seems that way to this particular know-it-all! Sure you can go on a 30 day an ashram in the woods...after eating only super-foods...and doing only yoga....followed by HIIT training....OR you can stop, breathe and remind yourself that doing a few things well and consistently is far better than doing many things half-heartedly. Tr y these quick upgrades and let me know what you think.
  1.  Eat breakfast. The End. What counts as breakfast? real food, not just coffee. If you are an early riser and find that you're not that hungry in the morning then a 2 part breakfast will do: have your tea/coffee with fruit, yogurt or a parfait when you get up and plan for a more substantial meal an hour or 2 later.  *Two things to remember: people of a healthy weight tend to eat breakfast while obese people usually don't; also, day time meals should be your largest meals so eat up!
  2. Skip the soda and juice habit and replace it with a flavored seltzer habit ( if you like carbonation). No good comes from drinking sugar sweetened beverages, internally or externally.
  3. Opt for unsweetened  everything. Even if you need to add your own sugar, it will be far less than manufacturers tend to add. While we're at it, don't trust your health and weight to food manufacturers because the only bottom they care about is their bottom line so see below.
  4. Make your own meals. That is the only way to be sure of  what is in it.
  5. Go heavy on the veggies and easy on the fruit. Yes, fruit and vegetables are great for you. No, we need no more than 8 cups of fruit per day.
  6. Leave meat, wine, coffee and sugar for special occasions.  Balance is key but for the sake of your heart health leave those items for occasional consumption, not regular consumption.

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