Superfood Alert: Why You Need to Start Eating Pomegranates Today!

Pomegranates have for a long time been an anomaly for me in the grocery store. They are a mysterious looking fruit with even more mysterious innards, and I was always timid to try eating them because I wasn't quite sure how to. Well we're busting pomegranates wide open to explore why and how you should be including this exotic super food in your diet! PVQG7rgnHJoXo-E5Qk0nVZ1QI3NVHNy6lLefO7qNK3c Pomegranates Contain:
  • Fibre - 7 hearty grams to be in fact!
  • Protein - loaded with 3 grams of it!
  • Punicalagins - aka an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich property that prevent fight diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Vitamin K - 1 pomegranate contains 36% of your recommended daily intake
tKKV3tCeHr7TNIMZ-KP-Wqavav3BpUbRDRVJ7hz_B4A Pomegranates Can Help... Improve Memory Studies have shown pomegranate extract can improve verbal and visual memory in elderly patients and has been shown to improve symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. vfFTIdvKQ0gHHGXkgLx6eaB9Y1Y3To7s0Xa9bPd3Wl4 Fight Fungal and Bacterial Infection It has been proven that pomegranates possess plant compounds which can help ward off infectious micro-organisms. These compounds can be useful in fighting gum diseases such as gingivitis. Fight Breast Cancer Cells  According to research, pomegranate extract may be able to reduce the reproduction of breast cancer cells, making it an excellent preventative food for women. fHX0JX1skA5fxeY-A6lmdmdWhn8EiTN5sp7V5thIihg Improve Exercise Performance  Pomegranates can give you the boost you need when exercising by reducing fatigue and increasing your energy level.   Ways to Eat Pomegranates
  • Eat the arils with a spoon, like you would eat a bowl of cereal.670px-Eat-a-Pomegranate-Step-7
  • Cut the fruit into chunks and eat them by hand.
  • Remove the seeds and sprinkle them on oatmeal, yogurt, salad, in juice or tea and on other fruits.
    Do you have a creative way to include this superfood in your diet? Share with us your recipes and ideas!

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