Superfood Overnight Porridge

Busy in the morning & need a healthy breakfast? Try this one! Chia Seeds are high in minerals like calcium, manganese and Omega-3 fatty acids. Also it is a great source of protein for vegetarians. Blueberries are a deliciuos blue wonder.  They are very rich in antioxidants and a real bosster for your immune system. Blueberries include Anthocyanin, can prevent  heart disease, cancer and helps to promote urinary tract health. Quinoa is even high in minerals especially magnesium, zinc, iron and Pottasium. This pseudocereal is gluten-free and has a low glycemic index. Almond Milk contains a lot of Vitamin E, to let your skin glow and protect of sun damages. It´s a lactose-free substitute for vegans which really tastes better than cow milk. Brown Rice Protein is best vegan and hypo allergenic source of protein. It´s plant based and raw  processed. Brown Rice Protein contains an Excellent amino acid profile, which includes 9 essential amino acids, which your body can´t build. All are high in fibre, natural fat burner and support your digestion.

All you need for 1 serve:

3/4 cup Almond Milk 2 tbsp Rolled Quinoa 2 tbsp Chia Seeds 1 scoop Vanilla Brown Rice Protein 1/2 cup blueberries

superfoodporridge Instructions: 1. Place Almond Milk, Rolled Quina, Chia Seeds & Vanilla Rice Protein into a mason jar. 2. Stir until mixed. 3. Place in a refrigerator and let sit overnight. 4. Garnish with blueberries and Enjoy!

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