Are Superfoods Super-Sizing You?

"Superfood" is one of the most popular buzzwords in the nutrition world today. It generally is a broad term slapped on vitamin and mineral dense foods like avocados, quinoa and chia seeds. But eating clean may not mean getting lean. In fact, clean eating (eating simple, highly nutritious foods without any artificial additives) has never promised to be a diet. Amping up the amount of antioxidants and flavanoids you're consuming does not have a direct correlation to shedding pounds. What many people don't consider is that you're still consuming calories, whether they are clean or processed. superfoods super-sizing you “Of course you can gain weight eating too many superfoods." explains Julie Montagu, vegan cookbook author and yoga teacher. “People just chuck things in: almond butter, protein powder—which is often ground up nuts and seeds—nut milk, half an avocado. Once it’s whizzed up in the Vitamix, you can’t see what’s in it. You’ve basically downed 700 calories before your body has had time to register." Creating a balance in your eating patterns is the best way to stay wary of calories and still get your vitamins. Like any other diet, portion control is the key to success. Julie suggests taking it easy on nuts, oils and avocados which all contain fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids can slow your metabolism down by 10%, making it harder to burn up calories. Also, stick to lean forms of protein like meat, eggs and yogurt. These are low in fat and will help keep you full. Do you agree that you can gain weight from superfoods? What are your clean eating tips?

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