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Bodyrockers listen up!

If you've read my posts, seen my page or watched my videos you know that I follow a strict personal and professional code that can be neatly summed up as "enough with all the bullshit." Well I'm thrilled to say that there are at least 22 other health professionals out there just like me, and we have decided to release an epic bundle of awesomeness to help you clear a path through the mountain of bullshit currently dominating the fitness and diet landscape. We call ourselves:


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What's in it?

23 original works on fitness, diet and health that are founded on real. f***ing. science.

No fear-mongering, no fat—or thin—shaming, no fads or sensationalism: think of it like a collection of textbooks if your professors were all loveably snarky health experts.

You already Bodyrock, so you have the self-discipline to take on a home workout; the information provided in this bundle—on everything from sugar intake to pain management—empowers you to take that independence to the next level. It isn't a giant collection of advice, or directives; it's a giant collection of knowledge that will allow you to take—and trust—your own advice. To see a full description of all the content, click here.

And who are we, exactly?

We’re nutritionists, trainers, and doctors; we’re scientists, authors, athletes and coaches. We’ve been fighting the good fight in gyms and clinics, online and off. Ours are the names and voices that you’ve seen just about anywhere sense is being spoken and charlatans confronted. We’re movers and shakers at the top of our game and we’ve come together, here, to change everything.

 We’re fighting for a world where quack diets don’t sell books and bad trainers don’t get TV shows. We’re working for the day when social media is flooded with inspiration, not criticism; where information trumps advertising and misinformation always loses.


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