Superhuman (real time workout)

Let's HIIT it!  I have a lot of you who follow my workouts are saying you have never been in better shape from doing my HIIT workouts, and are still amazed that you only workout around 15-20 minutes a day.  These are the best workouts for those of you who have tight schedules and still want to fit in a workout.  They're the best workouts for ANYONE no matter what your schedule is like! I had some fun putting this one together!  I love to hit things and kick things!  So today I added some exercises that involve punching!  Don't worry, if you're not comfortable punching, I show variations.  Get some aggression out during this workout! And have fun!! I changed up my normal format today using more exercises and doing them for a shorter amount of time. Every time you start, every time you hear that first beep of your timer, you should EXPLODE out the gate like someone is chasing you! Move HARD and move FAST! Get the most of your workout because they are short. I did a real time workout with you today for a total of a 13 minute workout. If you can, repeat the workout and make it a 26 minute workout! If you feel like you need more, you are not pushing yourself hard enough. You should not need to do more than 2 Rounds of my workouts. Here's the workout breakdown: Get your Ugi ball, your sandbag (or some weights), your interval timer, a jump rope and a mat. Set your interval timers for 16 (or 32) Rounds 10/40 1. 2x Plank Jacks, 2x Push Ups 2. Jump Rope 3. Sandbag Press Ups 4. Double High Knees 5. Plank Punches (left) 6. Plank Punches (right) 7. 2x Jump Lunges, 2x Jump Squats 8. Legs Over Ugi Abs 9. Parajumper Burpees 10. Jump Rope 11. One Leg Push Up, Jump Forward/Back (left) 12. Double High Knees 13. One Leg Push Up, Jump Forward/Back (right) 14. Lunge Back, Kick Out (left) 15. Lunge Back, Kick Out (right) 16. Mountain Climbers Enjoy the Burn!!

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