Superstar Status: Gigi Hadid Talks Stripping Down

Gigi Hadid has officially reached next level stardom. From starring in her first short film for V Magazine's summer edition, scoring a fall fashion campaign for Topshop, and landing the cover of September's W magazine, she's the next best thing to happen to the modeling industry. [caption id="attachment_102111" align="alignnone" width="600"]Gigi Hadid (STEVEN MEISEL/W MAGAZINE)[/caption] But with such fame, there comes a special something that sets someone apart from the rest. What would that be for Hadid? Aside from her stunning features, she's all about real talk. Keeping it candid in her interview with W magazine, the supermodel discusses her choice to go nude for shoots. “I’ve never been scared of being naked in pictures, but I wouldn’t do naked for naked’s sake,” she says. It takes guts to strip down, and even more guts to find the fine line which to walk between getting naked to get ahead, and doing it for the sake of a statement. [bctt tweet="Superstar Status: Gigi Hadid Talks Stripping Down"] One of Hadid's raciest shoots is her campaign ad for Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid fragrance. “With Tom, it was an easy decision. When you think of scent, you don’t think of clothes," Hadid says of her decision to take it all off. Hadid, though extremely thankful for her superstar status, seems to be humble at heart, and genuine about her love for the modeling industry. Though she's landed campaigns for high fashion companies, she's proud to be versatile, picking up commercial fashions gigs as well. [caption id="attachment_102113" align="alignnone" width="600"]Gigi Hadid (STEVEN MEISEL/W MAGAZINE)[/caption] “My Pirelli calendar is hanging on the wall of my friend’s frat house, and he doesn’t know anything about fashion. Both commercial and high fashion are what make my job so interesting," Hadid explains. What do you think of Hadid taking it all off for the camera? Do you think there is a time and a place for nudity in fashion? Source: People  

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