Supplement your diet or no?

You are approaching the BIGGEST skeptic out there when it comes to supplements. Aside from my back story I felt that if your body needed it, you would crave it and food could supply you with what it needs. WRONG. Big time! America does not provide us with the BEST foods unless you have a garden, farm, well and fresh stream nearby.  We get shelved produce and transported products. Not exactly everything our body needs. My ah hah moment was when I worked at a gym as a Personal Trainer and all of my clients would head to GNC or the like to grab protein, vitamins and various other health products. Than head over to a restaurant to eat out and celebrate with drinks and cake.  All in all, general population is not eating to top standards and their bodies are suffering. I came across Advocare in my area. I immediately started trying products from their 24 Day Challenge with my clean eating.  I instantly started to feel lighter with more energy and a more efficient working body.  With a 9 month old at home at the time, I could use the boost! I was a bit hooked and wrong all along. I added in some of the products and gradually dropped my body fat from 22% to 18% and improving. 20130622_130303 I have settled on adding probiotics, whey protein, Catalyst (an amino acid supplement) and their famous Spark Vitamin drink. Finally, I filled in the gaps that were lacking in my body and have energy to keep up with 3 kiddos, a career, fitness and my favorite hobbies. Life is busy, stressful and overwhelming at times. I want to feel my best and have the most efficient working body as possible. This has been my answer. Its hard not to want to share it with everyone. Live simply. Be happy!

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