Sustainable Protein Source for the Future: Insects. Will you?

With the world's ever growing population and limited resources it's clear we all can't continue to eat as most North Americans currently do: eating meat several times a week -- or, in some cases, several times a day! The resources needed to raise meat and poultry are demanding on the environment. There remains a great global food security issue as to where we will all get enough sustainable protein. One of the answers it seems is insects. Insects only need a fraction of the water, feed, space and time to mature needed by animals. And crickets pack more than twice the protein of beef and significantly more vitamin B12, iron, magnesium and essential amino acids. What's not to love? [caption id="attachment_97822" align="aligncenter" width="625"]why-crickets Source:[/caption] You may squirm but people have been eating insects in Africa, Asia and Latin America since the beginning of time. And now more and more North American companies are trying to serve it to you. New Millennium Farms, in Campbellford Ontario is North America's largest supplier of edible insects for human consumption. Head over to their website and buy some cricket flour -- which can be added to soups, smoothies and baked goods to bump up their nutritional profile. cricket flour Peckish? How about some Salt & Pepper Mealworms? The perfect TV-watching high-protein snack. salt and pepper meal worms They also have a page of recipes. Chocolate Zucchini cupcakes with cricket flour, anyone? File-choc-Zucinni-crix-cupcakes-2015-04-20-9-40-03-PM Many cutting edge athletes are turning to Exo Bars. They are high preformance soy, dairy, grain and gluten-free, paleo and environmentally-freindly protein bars. And yes, they're made with cricket flour. exo_bar_apple.680w1 Successfully funded on Kickstarter and coming soon Jungle bar is a "delicious protein bar made with dates, sunflower seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds, chocolate and cricket flour!" jungle bar As someone who is constantly trying to get enough protein and from a variety of different sources, I'll definitely be trying to incorporate some insect meal into my diet. How about you? For more creepy crawly fun join me on Facebook. Traineredith.comBR1 Do you follow us on Instagram? (Get the full workout here) [caption id="attachment_98129" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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