Why Does Our Sweat Stink?

No one can deny that full on beast-mode feels amazing, during a workout. There is something undeniably satisfying about being drenched in your own sweat. Even thought the evidence of all your hard work certainly makes you look like a boss, the smell is a different story. So who is the culprit for making us smell awful? A bacteria called Staphylococcus hominis. Here's an interesting fact: Sweat doesn't stink. That post-workout stench doesn't happen until the sweat gets digested by bacteria that live on our skin, particularly in our pits. When the bacteria breaks down the sweat molecules they release a stench. The good news? Now that science has pinpointed the cause, this can help develop better, more effective deodorants. The hope is that deodorant companies can take this information and use it to make products that target only the smelly bacteria and leave the good stuff alone, without clogging pores or irritating skin.

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