The World Has Found Its Mojo.

Sweatflix℠ is a brand-new option from for everyone out there who wants to get fit, toned, and sculpted. The world's largest platform of Fitness Videos, all at your finger-tips, just waiting for you to set aside 15 minutes and a small space in your home. A lot of people write to us to ask if 15 minutes per day is really enough, and we are happy to say that it's more than enough! In fact, just 12 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training will tone and tighten your entire body.

A New, Innovative Approach To Fitness!

At, we subscribe to the philosophy that physiotherapists and trainers the world over have been working on for the past 6 years, which is simply: combine strength training with cardio in short, intense workouts. 50 seconds of a hard burn or a strong lift and then 10 seconds of rest over the course of just 12 minutes will burn more calories and torch more fat than an hour long run, for example. These short intervals of intensity + rest build up a certain degree of lactic acid in your bloodstream that converts fatty cells into fuel 9 times faster than can cardio alone. Imaging getting into shape in just weeks rather than months!

Over 800 workouts are currently available!

Start at your current fitness level and work out every single day to tighten up and see definition! From Beginner Bootcamps that will help you lose weight and feel amazing, to Advanced Challenges like Tone In Rome and the Advanced Bootcamp, we will get you to your goals. We have tabata inspired workouts and even a whole Yoga Challenge available for 3 levels of yogis. There is no better way to get into the best shape of your life in the comfort of your own living room. Best of all, it's free to try out for 30 whole days, and then just $9.99 USD per month after that! Way cheaper than the gym. ShowMeNow_pink

The Home Workout Movement Has Become A Revolution!


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