A Sweet Secret to Healthy Eating

Finding the key to healthy eating is tough. It is different for every individual. One thing that is unique to most is battling your sweet tooth. You do your best to eat great, but you still find you have the urge to polish off a whole back of Skittles; here is a wonderful healthy eating tip to try when you're craving that sugary treat: Fight temptation with a hit of sugar. Researchers in Australia have discovered that people who swished with a glucose solution were better able to resist temptation than those who swished with an artificial sweetener solution. Glucose targets the brain regions associated with motivation and willpower. Studies show self-control actually takes energy and exercising self-control digs considerably into your stores of glucose. You’ll usually feel a want of willpower when glucose is low or when it cannot be mobilized effectively to the brain, like when insulin is low or insensitive. Bringing glucose back to an adequate level will usually help restore self-control - but don’t dive into the gummy bears just yet. You can get a quick (and moderate) fix by sucking on a sucker for a few seconds.

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