Sweet Versus Savory: Why Some Prefer One Over the Other

Brunch is brilliant. It leaves so many options available, from a savory sandwich or omelet to a sweet pile of pancakes or French toast. But have you ever noticed that some people prefer one over the other?
  "What we like and what we eat is probably one of the most fundamental mysteries of human behavior,” explains Julie Mennella, Ph.D, a biopsychologist who specializes in the science behind taste. However, “It’s not that you dislike sweet or you dislike salt. It’s that you may like lower levels of one." Did you know we have 10,000 taste buds? They respond to four different varieties of flavours, which are: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. However, some of us seem to opt for sugar over something savoury like chips more than others do. The reason for this had to do quite a bit with genetics, since our DNA is in charge of how sensitive we are to specific flavours. Are you a sweet tooth type? This may be because you have a higher sweet threshold.
Why some of us like sweet over savory.Yet our brains also tend to give into a sugar rush. “When it comes to [the] liking of sweet, it’s not just how sensitive you are,” says Mennella. “It’s also what’s happening in your brain. The sweet signal gets sent to reward centers in your brain.”It also depends on what you're used to eating. “You learn from what you eat,” says Mennella. “The more of one flavour you have in your diet, the more you become accustomed to it.” Did you grow up inhaling a bag of potato chips? Then chances are you're more likely to opt for something salty over something sweet. What do you typically go for at brunch? The pancakes or the omelet? Source: Women's Health

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