The Sweetest Pain - Myofascial Release with a Rolling Pin

By now, I hope you've come to reap the benefits of regular foam rolling and have made it part of your workout program. I always make my clients roll for 5 to 10 minutes before a workout session to loosen up before their workouts. Rolling after a workout is also beneficial as it may reduce muscle soreness. And if you're already sore, it's an even better time to get rolling for some sweet relief. But sometimes a foam roller just ain't enough. Enter, my favourite weapon: the rolling pin. At my gym I use a wooden one I bought from the dollar store, nothing fancy at all! You can, of course, buy a fancy tool that does the same thing and costs 10 times more. But why? Was it leg day yesterday? Are your sore quads preventing you from getting on and off the toilet with grace? Take a seat on said toilet, or better yet a chair, grab your rolling pin and go for it. Start at the top outer thigh and roll back and forth in small increments. When you find a particularly sore spot or knot spend a bit more time there rolling and also by applying steady pressure. Roll it out 'til the knot is gone or you simply can't take it anymore. Work your way all over your quad. The rolling pin trick is also especially awesome for calves and the side of your neck. Now, if you have someone who love you or a trainer like me, get them to roll you like cookie dough. A partner can really get into your ITBs (side of your thigh), hamstrings, glutes and your back. Be warned, this is intense. Rolling pins are hard. Avoid rolling over bony bits and joints; stick to fleshy, muscle-ly parts. For more trainer tips head over to Traineredith.comBR1

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