Swimming in Chlorine Doesn't Turn Your Eyes Red, Swimming in PEE Does!

Yellow alert! We just uncovered the super gross details about what's actually to blame for common pool related problems. The Center for Disease Control is releasing information to help pool happy people know the dangers of taking a dip! We've always thought that the infamous red eyes you get after a swim were from the chemical chlorine added to the water. Well, it's actually the urine in the pool binding with that chemical which causes red eye irritation. Yuck! Furthermore, the cough you sometimes get when you're swimming in an indoor pool? That's sweat and pee mixing in with the chlorine and causing an irritation in your lungs. But what about the infamous blue dye which is supposed to signal when a culprit is committing pool peeing violations? It's a myth! Often times no dye will show up, it's just to scare people into holding it in when they have to go. Just when I'm about to pass out from disgusting information overload, I realize I haven't even gotten into the risks from #2s yet! Apparently, an increase of disease from public pools has presented itself because people (yes, adults) and small children are taking a swim when they have diarrhea. It isn't because they are pool pooping (oh, god) but simply because the germs are being transmitted from their body because they didn't shower pre-swim. So here are the golden rules of pool safety (other than no running)! Always shower before and after pooling, do not enter the pool with an open sore or when you're sick and never pee in the pool. Share your thoughts with us! Will you dare to take a dip after reading this?   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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