Switch Off Your "Weight Gain" Hormones and Shed Pounds!

It can actually be that easy! Most people struggle to lose weight not because they are not dieting or exercising enough, but because their weight management hormones are all out of whack. Here are 3 hormones which could be the culprits in your inability to shed pounds: Leptin Leptin regulates your appetite and is supposed to signal your brain when it's time to stop eating. But if you're eating too much sugar, leptin might start misfiring it's signals. Sugars include those from fruit, but also chemically added sugars like those in processed foods. It's recommended to only eat 5 servings of fruit maximum per day, but of course keep away from processed foods. Estrogen  Estrogen is also a friend when it comes to weight loss. But it can turn into a foe if imbalanced. The trick to keeping our friend Estrogen happy is to eat enough protein. Beware of your protein source, because some meats raised with hormones and steroids can make matters worse in your system. Some of those artificial additives can mimic Estrogen and supercharge weight gain. So look for hormone and steroid free meats, and get your protein from plant-based sources as well. Cortisol  The so called "stress hormone" can put your body in full on fat storage mode. But did you know that adding coffee into your diet can actually decrease Cortisol? Along with stress-management, try a morning cup of joe to help shed excess fat. What are your top weight loss tips? Share them with us!  

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