Sexy Doesn't Expire (Really, It Doesn't!)

In recent weeks, I've spent some time writing about all the reasons why it is ridiculous that we are shocked when celebrities look 'hot' after 40. Like 39 is the year that your body just says 'screw it, I'm done' and everything wilts. It has, rightfully, been pointed out to me in your comments that while my sentiments are lovely, they fail to take into account the fact that as we age, the body DOES change. I understand. Skin becomes loose in places, creases form in others. I get it. But why does any of that negate sexy? Sexy isn't one particular look or body type. And sexy definitely isn't a particular age. Sexy is something more holistic than just looks. It is character, it is experience. It is wisdom, it is compassion. It is beauty, it is grace. So I ask you, can someone be sexy at 70? I bet if you look at your own life you can think of an older person that you would consider sexy. If not, I've got some celebrity examples for you! Harrison Ford, for starters. He's 73 and still a crush worthy, cool guy. Have you been watching Grace And Frankie on Netflix? If you have, I'm sure Jane Fonda has caught your eye. She's 77 and carries herself with such composure and such grace that you can't help but find her sexy. Never mind the fact that she's still a very physically beautiful women. At 84, Sean Connery still has the ability to cause a woman to sit up and take notice. Is it the accent? Is it his smoldering stare? Who knows, but he's still got it. One of my favourite actresses, Helen Mirren is 70. I think she's a breathtakingly stunning woman. She's smart, she's hilarious and she's confident and graceful. Totally 'girl' crush worthy. Will all of that change after her next birthday? Of course it won't. What makes Helen Mirren sexy today, will make Helen Mirren sexy for years to come. Sexy comes from the soul. We've all got it and never lose it. No matter what our culture tries to say. Let's stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to appear young. That isn't what it is about. Embrace who you are. Embrace your experiences. Embrace your body. That's where sexy lies. It lies in all of those things that makes you special and unique. What do you think? Is 'sexy' a combination of deep, ageless, qualities or is tied to youthful looks alone?  

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