Hi BodyRockers! I've got a challenging Tabata Beauty Booty Workout for you to try... In this workout you are really going to feel the BURN! But this is good.....Chase that burn and you'll see the results!!! I wanted to make a video for this, but my video camera hasn't been working for in the meantime here are the exercises with images. As I mentioned in my previous 2 Blogs....The Beauty Booty Workout , 10 Steps To a Beauty Booty   I myself am in the process of building a booty, while rehabing an injury and this is week 5 for me. Training glutes, like any muscle, takes time. You really need to be persistent and patient. Also you need to make sure that you change things up often to challenge your muscles to grow. In this workout you'll be using your GymBoss Trainer.   You will be doing 4 Exercises of 8 ,20 second Rounds.   ***Use a lighter weight than you usually use because you will need to go the distance while keeping good form in this workout! Focus on good form and making a mind muscle connection even though you are doing this under'll burn way more calories and have far greater results if you actually use the muscles to do the work as opposed to mindless momentum.   Set your timer for 8 Rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.   After each exercise reset your timer and go to the next exercise.   After you complete all 4 exercises, Skip for 3 minutes and Repeat sequence Or simply repeat.   Each exercise duration is 2:40 minutes  


EXERCISE #1 Wide Stance Squats - I recommend using your sandbag, or DB, or prisoner squats. If you are new to exercise use a chair to sit and stand off of to keep good form. Option #1  DSC01233 Option 2 DSC01018DSC01019

Exercise #2

DEADLIFTS Deadlifts - Again use your sandbag, or DB. ***If your new to this exercise do Alternating Reverse Lunges. Deadlifts work your lower back and it's very important you have good form on this one. Option #1 DSC01020DSC01021 Option #2  DSC01230DSC01228 DB Reverse Lunges DSC00986  


GLUTE BRIDGES Using your sandbag, or DB, or no weight. Really focusing on squeezing your should really feel the burn here!   DSC01239 EXERCISE #4 LEG RAISES with Sandbag or DB Overhead Leg Raises with Sandbag overhead...holding it up the whole time. Head off the mat. Beginners place hands under your butt for this one.    DSC01244DSC01245     DSC01300   Throwing a workout like this into your glute and leg training routine will Not Only shock your muscles to grow, but also ignite your fat loss potential!!      

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