Take a Bite out of your Toxic Load!

There are SO many things in our environment that are bad for our health.  Everything from environmental pollution in the air we breathe, to the chemicals in our food, to the cleaners we use and even the electromagnetic pollution in our homes.  It is easy to throw up our hands and think it is useless to even try to get on top of everything that “might” harm us. I always tell my clients to focus on the positive, change the things you can and don’t stress about what you don’t have control over i.e. air pollution. This is my list of things you can change simply and easily in your home to reduce exposure to a variety of toxins: Water-filtered systems- reverse osmosis systems or spring water in glass bottles are great options.  There are now even filters that take out the bad but keep healthy minerals in-tacked!  I highly recommend a system that clears both chlorine and fluoride!   Stay away from anything in plastics bottles whenever possible!
  • Cleaning products-there are some amazing all natural cleaners out there, but don’t forget that vinegar and baking soda goes a long way too!
  • Shampoo/Conditioners/Moisturizers and Sunscreen-choose all natural whenever possible and check their toxicity level.
  • Food storage containers-the new glass wear containers with the clip on plastic lids are fantastic, your food is safely stored in glass and they are still convenient to use!  Stainless steel is also a great option and perfect for the kids lunch boxes!
  • Plants-live plants help to clean toxins in the air and add beauty to your home too!
  • Cell phones-Turn your phone off at night,  change the setting to "Airplane Mode" or at the very least keep it more than 3 feet away from your bed to reduce electromagnetic pollution and get a better nights rest!
  • Food-ditch all the processed package food and buy Organic produce whenever possible.
If you have questions, comments or would like to know what products I recommend, post a comment and I will be sure to respond!

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