Take Shots, Lose Weight!

We all know that alcohol leads to weight gain, but what if there was a way to lose weight by drinking? You can be sure that clubs would be full every weekend if that were the case… Well, according to the American Chemical Society, it looks like weight loss is just a few tequila shots away! Tequila contains agavina, a form of sugar that is found in the agave plant from which everyone's favorite party drink is made. The agavina sugar triggers the production of insulin, and it can help to lower blood sugar. Add to that the fact that the sugar can help you to lose weight, and it's a great reason to start drinking more tequila!

The sugar cannot be absorbed by the human body, so--unlike fructose, glucose, and sucrose--it will not raise blood sugar levels. It tastes sweet, but there's no effect on your body. It could very well be a future sweetener that even diabetics can enjoy! Either way, that doesn't mean you should start taking shots with every meal. The fiber will help you to feel full and can reduce your appetite, but tequila is still hard alcohol. Up to a shot or two per day is healthy, but any more and you start trespassing on the territory of overconsumption. It's best to drink responsibly, even if tequila can help you to lose weight! Resources:

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